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Cole holds a BS in Computing Science and Informatics and English from Creighton University, and an MA in Literature and Culture from Oregon State University. He currently works as a Humanities Research Computing Specialist at Harvard's DARTH (Digital Arts and Humanities). Cole uses his background in literary studies, information technology, and software development to help humanities scholars model, assess, and process their data, create digital projects and platforms, and present their research digitally. When not supporting digital humanities projects, Cole enjoys climbing pretty much anything (trad, sport, ice, even bouldering) backpacking, running, and traveling. You can find him at runcolerun, coledanielcrawford, or coledcrawford

Zephyr is a student in high school who plans to pursue a computer science degree in college. They do not have much to say about themself, as they have just recently begun to explore the wonders of programming, although they hope this is only the first of several exciting projects in their life. Zephyr enjoys swimming, game-design, and reading in their free time.

Kenneth is a software developer on the Zestimate team at Zillow Group where he works on a number of large data processing and machine learning applications. Kenneth enjoys cycling, cooking and reading sci-fi and fantasy. LinkedIn

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